Problems Caused by Depression

When someone is affected by depression, the symptoms can affect every aspect of their lives – at home, at school/work, and socially.

Negative Effects on Working Life:

Depression can produce various problems that may affect working life, including:

  • Difficulties with concentration, decision-making and memory
  • Excessive anxiety and lack of confidence
  • Disruption of working relationships
  • Repeated absenteeism/sick days (for physical or emotional reasons).


Depression often causes anxiety and a lack of confidence.


Negative effects of the emotional aspects of depression (low mood, restlessness, irritability, etc.):

  • Problems with personal relationships
  • Lack of interest in daily life, personal appearance, etc.
  • Short temper, with a low tolerance for others
  • Breakdown of family life
  • Anxiety disorders, or alcohol/drug dependency








Depression is often closely related to alcoholism and drug addiction.

 The physical effects of depression (fatigue, poor sleep, aches and pains, etc.) can lead to:

  • Lack of energy for everyday tasks
  • Excessive exhaustion after small amounts of activity
  • Worsening of existing medical conditions


Depression can cause excessive mental exhaustion.

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